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2021 Millage Project & Maps

Pursuant to Policy No. 2014-1 - Local Road Millage Program Project Selection Guidelines, at its regular meeting on December 8, 2020 the Eaton County Board of Road Commissioners approved the following preliminary list of projects for inclusion in the 2021 Local Road Millage Program. The Board will review and consider public comment until February 15, 2021 and may add, delete or modify projects in the program as they determine appropriate. Please contact the Road Commission office at ecrc@eatoncountyroad.com or 517-543-1630 to provide input.

Michigan Avenue - Creyts Road to Dibble Avenue

Otto Road - Lansing Road to Vermontville Highway

Mt. Hope Highway

2021  Local Road Millage Projects

Project No. Township Road From To Treatment Length
210056 Bellevue Curtis Assyria Link Gravel Road Resurface 0.51
210060 Bellevue Jones M-78 End Gravel Road Resurface 0.47
210065 Bellevue Pine M-78 End Gravel Road Resurface 0.47
210070 Bellevue Stoney Pt. Ionia Young Gravel Road Resurface 1.41
210071 Bellevue Stoney Pt. Curtis Pease Gravel Road Resurface 2.46
210022 Benton Mcconnell Stewart End Pavement Paved Road Resurface 0.25
210039 Benton Stewart Lansing Rd End Pavement Paved Road Resurface 0.17
210069 Benton Stewart Vermontville End Pavement Gravel Road Resurface 1.1
210046 Benton Windsor M-100 End Paved Road Resurface 0.49
210038 Brookfield Stevens Brookfield Narrow Lake Paved Road Resurface 1.0
210040 Carmel Stine Five Pt. Battle Creek Paved Road Resurface 1.01
210050 Chester Ash Ainger M-50 Gravel Road Resurface 1.49
210051 Chester Bradley Kinsel Lamie Gravel Road Resurface 1.01
210055 Chester Chester Gresham Bursley Gravel Road Resurface 2.03
210062 Chester Lamie Stine Hubbard Gravel Road Resurface 0.5
210001 Delta Alexandria Remington Arlington Paved Road Resurface 0.27
210002 Delta Anacapri Creyts St.Joe Paved Road Resurface 0.46
210003 Delta Arlington St. Joe End Paved Road Resurface 0.47
210004 Delta Aspen Bennington Powderhorn Paved Road Resurface 0.03
210005 Delta Bearcreek Stoney Pt. End Paved Road Resurface 0.25
210006 Delta Bennington Trenton End Paved Road Resurface 0.46
210008 Delta Birchwood Rockdale Boxwood Paved Road Resurface 0.1
210009 Delta Bollman Birchwood River Ridge Paved Road Resurface 0.26
210010 Delta Boxwood Birchwood River Ridge Paved Road Resurface 0.2
210011 Delta Brentbrook Bearcreek End Paved Road Resurface 0.06
210013 Delta Burt Madonna W Greenfield Paved Road Resurface 0.1
210014 Delta Camden Arlington Remington Paved Road Resurface 0.18
210015 Delta Dawnhaven M-43 Madonna Paved Road Resurface 0.27
210019 Delta Laurence J Madonna Philwood Paved Road Resurface 0.28
210021 Delta Madonna M-43 Burt Paved Road Resurface 0.51
210027 Delta Pembrook Princeton Bennington Paved Road Resurface 0.31
210028 Delta Philwood Madonna End Paved Road Resurface 0.18
210029 Delta Princeton St.Joe Bennington Paved Road Resurface 0.15
210030 Delta Remmington Alexandria Camden Paved Road Resurface 0.09
210031 Delta River Ridge Cheltingham Boxwood Paved Road Resurface 0.28
210032 Delta Rockdale Willow End Paved Road Resurface 0.44
210033 Delta Rockdale Willow Stoney Pt. Paved Road Resurface 0.28
210034 Delta Sand Pt. Bearcreek Woodstock Paved Road Resurface 0.23
210041 Delta Stoney Pt. Willow Riley Ridge Paved Road Resurface 0.54
210042 Delta Trenton Bennington Alexandria Paved Road Resurface 0.29
210044 Delta W Greenfield Burt Carlson Paved Road Resurface 0.22
210045 Delta Westport Stoney Pt. Woodstock Paved Road Resurface 0.12
210047 Delta Woodstock Sand Pt. Westport Paved Road Resurface 0.18
210048 Delta Wyeth Montevideo Trenton Paved Road Resurface 0.06
210058 Eaton   Fairview Benton End Pavement Gravel Road Resurface 0.76
210018 Eaton Rapids Kemler M-50 End Pavement Paved Road Resurface 0.61
210061 Eaton Rapids Kemler End Pavement Petrieville Gravel Road Resurface 0.79
210064 Eaton Rapids Petrieville Canal Kemler Gravel Road Resurface 0.59
210017 Hamlin Houston Holmes Bellevue Paved Road Resurface 1
210053 Kalamo Carlisle Perry Bradley Gravel Road Resurface 2.02
210054 Kalamo Carlisle Pease Curtis Gravel Road Resurface 2.07
210057 Kalamo Face Mason End Gravel Road Resurface 0.28
210066 Kalamo Shaytown Carlisle N To End Gravel Road Resurface 0.7
210007 Oneida Benton Needmore Mt.Hope Paved Road Resurface 2.02
210026 Eaton Packard Stewart Hartel Paved Road Resurface 1.52
210016 Roxand Eaton Dow E to end pavement Paved Road Resurface 0.23
210036 Roxand St. Joe Gates 1 Mile East Paved Road Resurface 1.01
210037 Sunfield St. Joe Shaytown Dow Paved Road Resurface 1.0
210049 Vermontville Anderson Brown Shaytown Gravel Road Resurface 1.03
210052 Vermontville Brown Vermontville Anderson Gravel Road Resurface 0.5
210059 Vermontville Frith Vermontville End Gravel Road Resurface 0.5
210063 Vermontville Lamie Shaytown Bradley Gravel Road Resurface 1.02
210067 Vermontville Shaytown Vermontville Allegan Gravel Road Resurface 1.71
210023 Walton Messenger Ainger W to end pavment Paved Road Resurface 0.3
210035 Walton Spicerville Stine End Pavement Paved Road Resurface 0.51
210068 Walton Spicerville Battle Creek End Pavement Gravel Road Resurface 1.13
210072 Walton White  Spicerville End  Gravel Road Resurface 0.61
210012 Windsor Bridgeport City Limits End Paved Road Resurface 0.11
210020 Windsor Little York Drive N End  S End Paved Road Resurface
210024 Windsor Nixon Vermontville Windsor Paved Road Resurface 1.62
210025 Windsor Oak Nixon End Paved Road Resurface 0.53


2021 County-Wide Millage Map

Subdivisions (Delta, Oneida, Windsor)

2021 Local Road Millage Projects - Maps by Township

Bellevue Township           Benton Township      Brookfield Township           Carmel Township     
Chester Township Delta Township Eaton Township Eaton Rapids Township
Hamlin Township Kalamo Township Oneida Township Roxand Township
Sunfield Township Vermontville Township           Walton Township Windsor Township