Eaton County Road Commission

2015 Millage Projects Map

2015 Local Road Millage Program Report 
– Printed copies are available by contacting the office of the Road Commission

Project NumberTownshipRoad SegmentTreatmentLength (Miles)
150001SunfieldSt. Joe Hwy, from Ionia to dead endPaved Road Resurface1.08
150002RoxandBoyer Rd, from Needmore to StrangeHMA Base Crush & Shape
Paved Road Resurface
160001 RoxandBoyer Rd, from Strange to Mt. HopeHMA Base Crush & Shape1.00
150003OneidaLawson Rd, from Jefferson to EatonPaved Road Resurface1.04
150004OneidaOneida Rd, from railroad to EatonPaved Road Resurface0.72
150005OneidaPartlow St, from Jefferson to endPaved Road Resurface0.24
150006OneidaPepperkorn Dr, from Legend to endPaved Road Resurface0.19
150007Oneida Legend Dr, from M-43 to endPaved Road Resurface0.09
150090 OneidaManor House Dr, from Pepperkorn to endPaved Road Resurface0.04
150008DeltaJolly Rd, from Williams to dead endPaved Road Resurface0.37
150009DeltaE Libbie Dr, From Old Lansing to W LibbiePaved Road Resurface0.28
150010DeltaW Libbie Dr, from E Libbie to Old LansingPaved Road Resurface0.15
150011DeltaPark St, from Libbie to Old LansingPaved Road Resurface0.15
150012DeltaBittersweet Ln, from Old Lansing to ThornapplePaved Road Resurface0.14
150013DeltaThornapple Ln, From Bittersweet to endPaved Road Resurface0.13
150014DeltaSkyway Ln, from Old Lansing to endPaved Road Resurface0.10
150015DeltaJerryson Dr, from St. Joe to DicksonPaved Road Resurface0.23
150016DeltaDickson Rd, from Jerryson to NixonPaved Road Resurface0.20
150017DeltaRapidan Dr, from Picketts to endPaved Road Resurface0.10
150018DeltaShiloh Way, from Rapidan to HarpersPaved Road Resurface0.18
150019DeltaHarpers Way, from Shiloh to RoanokePaved Road Resurface0.25
150020DeltaRoanoke Way, from Roundtop to endPaved Road Resurface0.12
150021DeltaRoundtop Rd, from Roanoke to VicksburgPaved Road Resurface0.21
150022DeltaVicksburg Dr, from Roundtop SW 900′Paved Road Resurface0.17
150023DeltaGettysburg Dr, from Vicksburg to RoundtopPaved Road Resurface0.07
150024DeltaRoundtop Rd, from Gettysburg north 470′Paved Road Resurface0.09
150025DeltaMeade Dr, from Shiloh north 455′Paved Road Resurface0.09
150026DeltaStone Ridge Dr, from Saginaw to endPaved Road Resurface0.19
150027DeltaGranite Dr, from Stone Ridge to NuggetPaved Road Resurface0.08
150028DeltaNugget Dr, from Granite to endPaved Road Resurface0.08
150029DeltaMaycroft Rd, from Saginaw to ElizabethPaved Road Resurface0.24
150030DeltaElizabeth Rd, from Maycroft to RobinsPaved Road Resurface0.16
150031DeltaBretton Rd, from Elizabeth to SaginawPaved Road Resurface0.25
150032DeltaThomas L. Parkway, from Saginaw to ArlenePaved Road Resurface0.13
150033DeltaArlene Dr, From Dibble to endPaved Road Resurface0.28
150034DeltaClaiborne Dr, from Arlene to DibblePaved Road Resurface0.12
150035 DeltaMarcia Dr, from Claiborne to MichiganPaved Road Resurface0.14
150036DeltaDibble Rd, from Michigan to SaginawPaved Road Resurface0.48
150037DeltaPinto Circle, from Belgian to FoalPaved Road Resurface0.32
150038DeltaFoal St, from Pinto to AppaloosaPaved Road Resurface0.12
150039DeltaAppaloosa Way, From Delta River to E BroadmoorPaved Road Resurface0.33
150040DeltaArabian Circle, from W Broadmoor to endPaved Road Resurface0.09
150041DeltaE Broadmoor Dr, From Arabian to BaywoodPaved Road Resurface0.37
150042DeltaW Broadmoor Dr, from Arabian to BaywoodPaved Road Resurface0.42
150043DeltaClydesdale Rd, from E Broadmoor to endPaved Road Resurface0.25
150044DeltaBarnestable Ln, from W Broadmoor to endPaved Road Resurface0.04
150045DeltaBaywood Blvd, from Delta River to BroadmoorPaved Road Resurface0.05
150046DeltaCarriage Hill, from E Broadmoor to endPaved Road Resurface0.05
150047DeltaSloan Hwy, from Creyts to endPaved Road Resurface0.24
150048DeltaMeister Ln, from Delta River to endPaved Road Resurface0.11
150049DeltaClinton Rd, from Delta River to VermontPaved Road Resurface0.22
150050DeltaVermont St, from Delta River to ClintonPaved Road Resurface0.19
150089 DeltaDavis Hwy, from Woodlane to CenterlinePaved Road Resurface 0.19
150051 VermontvilleAllegan Rd, from Shaytown to DowPaved Road Resurface1.28
150052ChesterAllegan Rd, from Dow to M-50Paved Road Resurface1.44
150053BentonGresham Hwy, from M-100 to RoystonPaved Road Resurface0.99
150055WindsorNixon Rd, from Oak to DavisPaved Road Resurface0.45
150056WindsorWalnut Hwy, from Canal to endPaved Road Resurface0.58
150057WindsorRiverside Dr, from M-99 to endPaved Road Resurface0.38
150058WindsorDavis Hwy, from Lansing to WoodlanePaved Road Resurface0.13
150059WindsorMcCabe Dr, from Creyts to endPaved Road Resurface0.11
150060KalamoLacey Lake Rd, from M-79 to CarlislePaved Road Resurface1.00
150061CarmelBroadway Hwy, from Cochran to end of pavementPaved Road Resurface1.18
150062EatonKalamo Hwy, from Tubbs to BrookfieldPaved Road Resurface0.95
150063EatonBenton Rd, from Packard to endPaved Road Resurface0.09
150064EatonEaton Green Rd, from M-50 to Twelve OaksPaved Road Resurface0.45
150065EatonTwelve Oaks Dr, from Eaton Green west 660′Paved Road Resurface0.13
150066Eaton RapidsBarnes Hwy, from Eaton Rapids city limits to ArchPaved Road Resurface1.02
150067Eaton RapidsPetrieville Hwy, from M-99 to ArchPaved Road Resurface0.68
150068BellevueAlpha Dr, from Sand to SandPaved Road Resurface0.21
150069BellevueBaseline Hwy, I-69 overpassPaved Road Resurface0.49
150070WaltonButterfield Hwy, from Weeks to OxbyPaved Road Resurface1.04
150071WaltonWeeks Rd, from Narrow Lake to endPaved Road Resurface0.13
150072BrookfieldCoats Rd, from Narrow Lake to endPaved Road Resurface0.80
150073BrookfieldHunt Hwy, from Coats to LakePaved Road Resurface0.33
150074HamlinHouston Rd, from Kinneville to VFWPaved Road Resurface0.75
150075HamlinFreeman Rd, from Spicerville to Five PointHMA Base Crush & Shape
Paved Road Resurface
150076SunfieldRound Lake Rd, from M-50 to M-43Gravel Road Resurface1.58
150077SunfieldRound Lake Rd, from CSX RR to W EatonGravel Road Resurface0.52
150078RoxandGates Rd, from Saginaw to dead endGravel Road Resurface1.73
150079OneidaKenyon Rd, from M-43 to EatonGravel Road Resurface1.03
150080CarmelBradley Rd, from Carlisle to W LawrenceGravel Road Resurface1.00
150081CarmelKalamo Hwy, from ind of pavement to S CochranGravel Road Resurface1.01
150082Carmel Tirrell Rd, from Kalamo to Charlotte city limitsGravel Road Resurface0.41
150083BellevueRiver Rd, from county line to Battle CreekGravel Road Resurface1.81
150084BellevueReynolds Rd, from county line to Battle CreekGravel Road Resurface1.62
150085WaltonNye Hwy, from Matthews to CochranGravel Road Resurface1.02
150086BrookfieldCoats Rd, from Hunt Hwy to endGravel Road Resurface0.77
150087BrookfieldLake Dr, from end to endGravel Road Resurface0.24
150088BrookfieldSherman Rd, from Spicerville to Five PointGravel Road Resurface 1.05

2015 Local Road Millage Projects - Maps by Township

  • Printed copies are available by contacting the office of the Road Commission