Eaton County Road Commission

2017 Millage Projects Map

2017 Local Road Millage Program Report
– Printed copies are available by contacting the office of the Road Commission

Pursuant to Policy No. 2014-1 – Local Road Millage Program Planning and Project Selection Guidelines, at its regular meeting on March 28, 2017 the Eaton County Board of Road Commissioners approved the following list of projects for inclusion in the 2017 Local Road Millage Program.


Project NumberTownshipRoad SegmentTreatmentLength (Miles)
170062BellevueCronk Hwy, Ionia to YoungPaved Road Resurface1.26
170045BentonGresham Hwy, section line to 1 mile W of M-100Paved Road Resurface1.07
170065BrookfieldSpicerville Hwy, Wilcox to RoystonPaved Road Resurface1.50
170057CarmelCarlisle Hwy, Gregory to StatePaved Road Resurface0.21
170058CarmelKalamo Hwy, Battle Creek to end of pavementPaved Road Resurface0.97
170044ChesterKinsel Hwy, Millerburg to WheatonPaved Road Resurface1.01
170014DeltaBlue Lagoon Dr, St. Joe to FlagstonePaved Road Resurface0.28
170034DeltaCanton Dr, Meaford to ChesleyPaved Road Resurface0.12
170040DeltaCentennial Way, Century to its endPaved Road Resurface0.33
170041DeltaCenturion Dr, Centennial to CenturyPaved Road Resurface0.20
170039DeltaCentury Blvd, St. Joe to AnacapriPaved Road Resurface0.23
170018DeltaCharleston Rd, St. Joe to pvt jointPaved Road Resurface0.02
170033DeltaChesley Dr, London to St. JoePaved Road Resurface0.32
170013DeltaCloverhill Dr, Flagstone to Blue LagoonPaved Road Resurface0.17
170042DeltaDavis Hwy, Centerline to end of jurisdictionPaved Road Resurface0.25
170020DeltaDornet Dr, Ivan to ElmwoodPaved Road Resurface0.19
170012DeltaFlagstone Dr, Blue Lagoon to St. JoePaved Road Resurface0.18
170011DeltaGrand River Dr, township line to WillowPaved Road Resurface0.17
170035DeltaGull Rd, Pickton to MeadowviewPaved Road Resurface0.36
170027DeltaHoover St, Richard to WinifredPaved Road Resurface0.12
170021DeltaIris Ave, Ivan to its endPaved Road Resurface0.19
170019DeltaIvan St, Elmwood to RichardPaved Road Resurface0.24
170024DeltaJulian Ave, Michigan to SaginawPaved Road Resurface0.50
170030DeltaLondon Dr, Gull to MeafordPaved Road Resurface0.25
170016DeltaMandell Cir, Williamsburg to its endPaved Road Resurface0.11
170032DeltaMeaford St, Weston to ChesleyPaved Road Resurface0.18
170031DeltaNorwick St, Weston to its endPaved Road Resurface0.21
170038DeltaOakcrest Dr, Old Erin to MeadowviewPaved Road Resurface0.14
170036DeltaOld Erin Way, Gull to OakcrestPaved Road Resurface0.18
170028DeltaPickton Dr, Gull to WestonPaved Road Resurface0.16
170023DeltaRichard Ave, Michigan to SaginawPaved Road Resurface0.50
170026DeltaSteifel Ave, Richard to WinifredPaved Road Resurface0.12
170022DeltaTheo Ave, Michigan to SaginawPaved Road Resurface0.50
170037DeltaTindalaya Dr, Gull to OakcrestPaved Road Resurface0.16
170029DeltaWeston St, Gull to St. JoePaved Road Resurface0.40
170015DeltaWilliamsburg Rd (portions), Canal to MichiganPaved Road Resurface0.43
170025Delta Winifred Ave, Michigan to SaginawPaved Road Resurface0.50
170017DeltaYorktown Rd, pvt joint to pvt jointPaved Road Resurface0.06
170060EatonBell Hwy, Perkey to AckleyPaved Road Resurface1.25
170059EatonBroadway Hwy, Sherman to BrookfieldPaved Road Resurface1.01
170061Eaton RapidsBentley Hwy, Gunnell to CanalPaved Road Resurface1.00
170066HamlinHolmes Hwy, Royston to WilsonPaved Road Resurface2.01
170056KalamoMason Rd, Lawrence to KinselPaved Road Resurface2.02
170008OneidaChippewa Dr, Iroquois to Grand RiverPaved Road Resurface0.36
170006OneidaGrand River Dr, end of jurisdiction to township linePaved Road Resurface0.57
170010OneidaGrand Willow Dr, Willow to Grand RiverPaved Road Resurface0.22
170009Oneida Iroquois Dr, Willow to Grand RiverPaved Road Resurface0.33
170005OneidaE Melody Rd, Melody to Grand RiverPaved Road Resurface0.34
170003OneidaMelody Rd, Willow to E MelodyPaved Road Resurface0.24
170004OneidaW Melody Dr, Melody to Grand RiverPaved Road Resurface0.30
170007OneidaSioux Dr, E Melody to ChippewaPaved Road Resurface0.06
170002RoxandBoyer Rd, St. Joe to Mt. HopePaved Road Resurface1.00
170001SunfieldBismark Hwy, Hager to IoniaPaved Road Resurface2.08
170043VermontvilleMason Rd, Kinsel to NashvillePaved Road Resurface1.00
170063WaltonButterfield Hwy, Harris to OxbyPaved Road Resurface1.01
170064WaltonOxby Rd, Baseline to ButterfieldPaved Road Resurface1.01
170046WindsorCenterline Dr, Woodlane to DavisPaved Road Resurface0.17
170051 WindsorAberdeen Dr, W Galway to BillwoodPaved Road Resurface0.49
170055 WindsorEugene Dr, Windsor to SeneyPaved Road Resurface0.14
170050WindsorE Galway Cir, Glenkirk to ThornhillPaved Road Resurface0.52
170049WindsorW Galway Cir, Thornhill to GlenkirkPaved Road Resurface0.46
170052WindsorGlenkirk Dr, Galway to attribute changePaved Road Resurface0.07
170054 WindsorJimson Dr, Windsor to SeneyPaved Road Resurface0.14
170053 WindsorSeney Dr, Canal to its endPaved Road Resurface0.26
170048WindsorThornhill Dr, E Galway to BillwoodPaved Road Resurface0.12
170047WindsorWoodlane Dr, Davis to its endPaved Road Resurface0.31
170070ChesterKinsel Hwy, Stine to MillerburgGravel Road Resurface0.99
170069ChesterWheaton Rd, Clinton Trl to GreshamGravel Road Resurface1.41
170067RoxandGates Rd, Eaton to GatesGravel Road Resurface0.78
170068RoxandGrace Hwy, Dow to GatesGravel Road Resurface1.02

2017 Local Road Millage Projects - Maps by Township