Eaton County Road Commission

2019 Millage Projects Map

Pursuant to Policy No. 2014-1 – Local Road Millage Program Project Selection Guidelines, at its regular meeting on December 11, 2018 the Eaton County Board of Road Commissioners approved the following preliminary list of projects for inclusion in the 2019 Local Road Millage Program. The Board will review and consider public comment until February 15, 2019 and may add, delete or modify projects in the program as they determine appropriate. Please contact the Road Commission office at or 517-543-1630 to provide input.


Project NumberTownshipRoad SegmentTreatmentLength (Miles)
190042BentonPinch Hwy, Oneida to JohnsonPaved Road Resurface1.00
190053BrookfieldHicks Hwy, Ainger to McDonaldPaved Road Resurface0.77
190052BrookfieldSpicerville Hwy, Bradley to AingerPaved Road Resurface0.99
190048CarmelStine Rd, M-79 to ValleyPaved Road Resurface1.01
190039DeltaApple Ridge Dr, Kenway to ChanticleerPaved Road Resurface0.12
190017DeltaApplewood Dr, Plum Hollow to BerrywoodPaved Road Resurface0.25
190007DeltaAustin Way, twp line to its endPaved Road Resurface0.01
190027DeltaBarton Rd, Waverly to its endPaved Road Resurface0.62
190025DeltaBentwood Dr, Fieldcrest to BlackberryPaved Road Resurface0.09
190018DeltaBerrywood Pl, Applewood to its endPaved Road Resurface0.03
190021DeltaBlackberry Ln, Sherwood to BartonPaved Road Resurface0.40
190030DeltaBlanche Ave, Dibble to WaverlyPaved Road Resurface0.13
190035DeltaChanticleer Trl, Farmstead to Green MeadowsPaved Road Resurface0.46
190009DeltaDelta Commerce Dr, Saginaw to Canal ClubPaved Road Resurface0.59
190032DeltaDorene Dr, Elmwood to its endPaved Road Resurface0.09
190040DeltaEna Dr, Lanac to RicklePaved Road Resurface0.12
190034DeltaFarmstead Ln, St. Joe to Green MeadowsPaved Road Resurface0.44
190019DeltaFieldcrest Dr, Maycroft to BentwoodPaved Road Resurface0.17
190008DeltaFrancis Ct, Canal to its endPaved Road Resurface0.13
190011DeltaGrape Arbor Ln, Elmwood to LotipacPaved Road Resurface0.22
190033DeltaGreen Meadows Dr, Farmstead to KenwayPaved Road Resurface0.37
190038DeltaHomestead Dr, Kenway to its endPaved Road Resurface0.03
190029DeltaHume Blvd, St. Joe to its endPaved Road Resurface0.49
190024DeltaKenilworth Dr, Fieldcrest to BlackberryPaved Road Resurface0.10
190037DeltaKenway Dr, St. Joe to Green MeadowsPaved Road Resurface0.50
190041DeltaLanac St, Ena to CanalPaved Road Resurface0.28
190013DeltaLotipac Pl, Palisade to Grape ArborPaved Road Resurface0.06
190026DeltaMar Moor Dr, Willow to WaverlyPaved Road Resurface0.67
190020DeltaMaycroft Rd, Plum Hollow to SherwoodPaved Road Resurface0.11
190031DeltaOtis Ave, Dibble to WaverlyPaved Road Resurface0.13
190014DeltaPalisade Dr, Spearberry to LotipacPaved Road Resurface0.10
190016DeltaPlum Hollow Dr, Elmwood to MaycroftPaved Road Resurface0.28
190028DeltaShady Hill Ln, Willow to BartonPaved Road Resurface0.25
190023DeltaShannon Ln, Fieldcrest to BlackberryPaved Road Resurface0.11
190022DeltaSherwood Ln, Blackberry to its endPaved Road Resurface0.04
190015DeltaSpearberry Ln, Plum Hollow to PalisadePaved Road Resurface0.06
190010DeltaWestbury Cir, Delta Commerce to its endPaved Road Resurface0.10
190036DeltaWindmill Ct, Chanticleer to its endPaved Road Resurface0.04
190049EatonFairview Hwy, Otto to 1700 ft westPaved Road Resurface0.32
190050EatonGidner Rd, Packard to KinselPaved Road Resurface1.02
190051Eaton RapidsColumbia Hwy, Gunnell to CanalPaved Road Resurface1.00
190055HamlinSmithville Rd, Plains to VFWPaved Road Resurface1.00
190046KalamoCarlisle Hwy, Pease to IoniaPaved Road Resurface1.01
190047KalamoSpore Hwy, Ionia to its endPaved Road Resurface0.24
190007OneidaAustin Way, St. Joe to twp linePaved Road Resurface0.15
190004OneidaMillstone Dr, Saginaw to Tall OaksPaved Road Resurface0.49
190003OneidaSt. Joe Hwy, Fees to OneidaPaved Road Resurface1.00
190006OneidaStone Bluff Dr, Overbrook to its endPaved Road Resurface0.20
190005OneidaTall Oaks, Stone Bluff to MillstonePaved Road Resurface0.07
190002RoxandSt. Joe Hwy, Mulliken to BoyerPaved Road Resurface1.00
190001SunfieldSt. Joe Hwy, Ionia to M-50Paved Road Resurface1.53
190054WaltonSpicerville Hwy, Sherman to Narrow LakePaved Road Resurface2.00
190045WindsorGunnell Rd, Stub to VermontvillePaved Road Resurface1.50
190043WindsorRossman Hwy, Gunnell to CanalPaved Road Resurface1.00
190044 WindsorRossman Hwy, Smith to M-99Paved Road Resurface 1.00
190068BellevueAckley Rd, county line to BaselineGravel Road Resurface0.25
190067BellevueBabcock Rd, Baseline to ButterfieldGravel Road Resurface0.76
190069BellevuePease Rd, Follett to Five PointGravel Road Resurface1.03
190066BellevueBaseline Hwy, 16 Mile to pavementGravel Road Resurface1.51
190070BellevueSpicerville Hwy, Lacey Lake to BradleyGravel Road Resurface0.94
190062ChesterHubbard Rd, Kinsel to VermontvilleGravel Road Resurface2.00
190061ChesterWheaton Rd, Gresham to NeedmoreGravel Road Resurface2.94
190064EatonFairview Hwy, Jaydonna to Russell LeaGravel Road Resurface0.37
190065EatonLong Hwy, Stewart to PerkeyGravel Road Resurface0.50
190063EatonMills Hwy, Narrow Lake to PerkeyGravel Road Resurface1.01
190057OneidaDavis Hwy, Hartel to RoystonGravel Road Resurface1.00
190058VermontvilleCurtis Rd, Kinsel to city limitGravel Road Resurface0.31
190059VermontvillePease Rd, Kinsel to NashvilleGravel Road Resurface1.00
190060VermontvilleKinsel Hwy, Curtis to IoniaGravel Road Resurface3.07

2019 County-Wide Millage Map

Subdivisions (Delta, Oneida, Windsor)

2019 Local Road Millage Projects - Maps by Township