Eaton County Road Commission

2020 Millage Projects Map

Pursuant to Policy No. 2014-1 – Local Road Millage Program Project Selection Guidelines, at its regular meeting on December 10, 2019 the Eaton County Board of Road Commissioners approved the following preliminary list of projects for inclusion in the 2020 Local Road Millage Program. The Board will review and consider public comment until February 15, 2020 and may add, delete or modify projects in the program as they determine appropriate. Please contact the Road Commission office at or 517-543-1630 to provide input.

Project No.TownshipRoadFromToTreatmentLength
200055BellevueBabcock RdW Baseline HwySheerwood HwyGravel Road Resurface1.265
200056BellevueCook RdW Butterfield HwySherwood HwyGravel Road Resurface0.547
200057BellevueSherwood HwyHall RdCity/Twp LineGravel Road Resurface2.039
200058BentonE Santee HwyN Cochran RdBenton RdGravel Road Resurface0.995
200043BrookfieldE Spicerville HwyCochran RdSherman RdPaved Road Resurface0.993
200044CarmelN Bradley RdW Lawrence HwyValley HwyPaved Road Resurface1.012
200059ChesterLamie HwyN Chester Rd Stine RdGravel Road Resurface1.00
200060ChesterMulliken RdLamie HwyW Vermontville HwyGravel Road Resurface1.083
200061ChesterN Bradley RdLamie HwyW Vermontville HwyGravel Road Resurface1.009
200062ChesterN Stine RdW Kinsel HwyLamie HwyGravel Road Resurface1.005
200001DeltaAmberina DrRuby Glass RdCardinal LnPaved Road resurface0.23
200002DeltaArmstrong DrWillow HwyWebster RdPaved Road Resurface0.237
200003DeltaAspen DrPowderhorn DrSnow RdPaved Road Resurface0.214
200004DeltaBirchwood WayBoxwood LnElmwood RdPaved Road Resurface0.216
200005DeltaBobsyl LanDenmark AveCountryside DrPaved Road Resurface0.122
200006DeltaCardinal LnLindy DrAmberina DrPaved Road Resurface 0.116
200007DeltaChimneyrock DrPowderhorn DrDurango DrPaved Road Resurface0.172
200008Delta Clearview AveEdmund WayGrandwoods DrPaved Road Resurface0.16
200009DeltaCountryside DrDead End or StartDenmark AvePaved Road resurface0.122
200010DeltaDenmark AveBobsyl LnCorkery LnPaved Road Resurface0.122
100011DeltaDurango DrOtter DrChimneyrock DrPaved Road Resurface0.269
200012DeltaDutch Hill DrE Saint Joe HwyOmar StPaved Road Resurface0.265
200013DeltaEdmund WayWillow HwyRiver Ridge DrPaved Road Resurface0.115
200014DeltaElmwood RdWillow HwyGreenbriar Rdpaved Road Resurface0.126
200015DeltaFairbanks DrPowderhorn DrDurango DrPaved Road Resurface0.174
200016DeltaGrandwoods DrWillow HwyDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.465
200017DeltaGreenbriar RdHoliday Ln Elmwood RdPaved Road Resurface0.147
200018DeltaHamlet CtCountryside DrDead End or STartpaved Road Resurface0.043
200019DeltaHilltop DrToboggan LnLindy Dr & Pony TrlPaved Road Resurface0.059
200020DeltaHoliday LnWillow HwyRiver Ridge DrPaved Road Resurface0.234
200021DeltaJade DrDutch Hill DrOmar StPaved Road Resurface0.208
200022DeltaLindy DrWillow HwyPony TrlPaved Road Resurface0.084
200023DeltaMalta CirDutch Hill DrDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.044
200024DeltaMidland DrElmwood RdE Mall DrPaved Road Resurface0.137
200025DeltaMoultrie CirDutch Hill DrDead End or StartPaved Rad Resurface0.06
200026DeltaOmar StDutch Hill DrJade DrPaved Road Resurface0.112
200027DeltaOtter DrSouthfork CirDruango DrPaved Road Resurface0.144
200028DeltaPepperwood Dr Aspen DrChimneyrock DrPaved Road Resurface0.132
200029DeltaPony TrlToboggan LnArmstrong DrPaved Raod Resurface0.176
200030DeltaPowderhorn DrSouth Fork CirE Saint Joe HwyPaved Road Resurface0.388
200031DeltaProvincial AveWildon WayDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.084
200032DeltaRiver Ct River Ridge DrDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.043
200033DeltaRiver Ridge DrBoxwood LnGrandwoods Park DrPaved Road Resurface0.857
200034DeltaRubina WayAmberina DrDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.057
200035DeltaRuby Glass RdLindy DrDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.111
200036DeltaSierra DrPowderhorn DrPepperwood DrPaved Road Resurface0.115
200037DeltaSouthfork CirPowderhorn DrDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.043
200038DeltaBoboggan LnHilltop DrArmstrong DrPaved Road Resurface0.165
200039DeltaWayland DrRiver Ridge DrGrandwoods DrPaved Road Resurface0.11
200040DeltaWildon WayProvincial AveCountryside DrPaved Road Resurface0.125
200045EatonS Stewart RdMills HwyE Clinton TrailPaved Road Resurface2.012
200046Eaton RapidsArch RdBarnes RdToles RdPaved Road Resurface1.0001
200063HamlinHale HwyKinneville RdTucker RdGravel Road Resurface0.464
200064HamlinHogsback RdE Spicerville HwyCity/Twp LineGravel Road Resurface0.622
200065HamlinTaylor RdTucker RdVFW HwyGravel Road Resurface0.286
200066HamlinTuckerKinneville RdVFW HwyGravel Road Resurface1.218
200047KalamoCarlisle HwyS Ionia rdPerry RdPaved Road Resurface0.999
200041OneidaMaywood DrE Saginaw HwyRuth DrPaved Road Resurface0.145
200042Oneida Ruth DrMaywood DrMaywood DrPaved Road Resurface0.08
200048OneidaE Strange HwyBenton RdOneida RdPaved Road Resurface2.003
200049RoxandW St. Joe HwySectin LineMulliken RdPaved Road Resurface1.005
200050SunfieldGranger HwyBrown RdDow RdPaved Road Resurface1.993
200067VermontvilleNashville HwyN Ionia RdW Kinsel HwyGravel Road Resurface2.373
200068VermontvilleN Shaytown RdW Kinsel HwyW Vermontville HwyGravel Road Resurface2.001
200051WaltonS Bradley RdW Spicerville HwyW Five Point HwyPaved Road Resurface1.014
200052WindsorNixon RdRossman HwyW Vermontville Hwy1Paved Road Resurface1
200053WindsorPray RdE Kinsel HwyRossman HwyPaved Road Resurface0.995
200054WindsorRossman HwyPray RdNixon RdPaved Road Resurface0.251

2020 County Wide Map

Subdivisions (Delta, Oneida, Windsor)

2020 Local Road Millage Projects - Maps by Township