Eaton County Road Commission

2023 Millage Projects Map

Pursuant to Policy No. 2014-1 – Local Road Millage Program Project Selection Guidelines, at its regular meeting on December 13, 2022 the Eaton County Board of Road Commissioners approved the following preliminary list of projects for inclusion in the 2023 Local Road Millage Program. The Board will review and consider public comment until February 15, 2023 and may add, delete or modify projects in the program as they determine appropriate. Please contact the Road Commission office at or 517-543-1630 to provide input.

Project Number    Township                   Road                            From                               To                               Treatment                           Length
230085BellevueLink HwyCurtis RdHill RdGravel Road Surface1.02
230086BellevueLove HwyCounty LinePease RdGravel Road Surface2.02
230097BellevueReynolds RdM-78Love HwyGravel Road Surface0.50
230111BellevueYoung RdStony Point HwyFive Point HwyGravel Road Surface2.00
230063BentonBenton RdKinsel HwySantee HwyGravel Road Surface5.00
230064BrookfieldBoody HwyWilcox RdSpicerville HwyGravel Road Surface1.24
230068BrookfieldButterfield HwyCochran RdBrookfield RdGravel Road Surface2.01
230078BrookfieldHolmes HwyThuma HwyRoyston RdGravel Road Surface1.00
230079BrookfieldHooper RdBaseline DrButterfield HwyGravel Road Surface1.39
230095BrookfieldPerkey RdSpicerville HwyFive Point HwyGravel Road Surface1.05
230103BrookfieldSherman RdButterfield HwyBellevue HwyGravel Road Surface1.00
230108BrookfieldWilcox RdNye HwySpicerville HwyGravel Road Surface1.00
230072CarmelCarlisle HwyBradley RdStine RdGravel Road Surface3.00
230087CarmelMillerburg RdLawrence HwyKinsel HwyGravel Road Surface2.00
230104CarmelStine RdValley HwyKinsel HwyGravel Road Surface1.00
230061ChesterAinger RdVermontville HwyBursley HwyGravel Road Surface3.17
230099ChesterSantee HwyMoyer RdCochran RdGravel Road Surface2.49
230001DeltaAdare CirIreland DrDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.07
230003DeltaAshford LnKnockaderry DrDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.03
230007DeltaBrookside DrSaginaw HwyRolling Green LnPaved Road Resurface0.57
230008DeltaChellmar DrCreekside DrMedallion DrPaved Road Resurface0.20
230009DeltaClark RdClark RdWillow HwyPaved Road Resurface0.50
230010DeltaConeflower CtCrayton DrDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.26
230011DeltaConestoga DrWolf Run DrSleighside DrPaved Road Resurface0.27
230012DeltaCreekside DrCanal RdGlen Terra DrPaved Road Resurface0.21
230013DeltaDumond CtSnow RdDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.11
230014DeltaEarlington LnBrookside DrWorthmore AvePaved Road Resurface0.27
230015DeltaEastcircle DrWesthaven BlvdWesthaven BlvdPaved Road Resurface0.05
230016DeltaEastwind CirWesthaven BlvdDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.05
230019DeltaFranklynn DrFrankn Dot DrDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.11
230020DeltaFrankn Dot DrCreyts RdDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.13
230021DeltaFrench Creek CirFrench Creek DrFrench Creek DrPaved Road Resurface0.08
230022DeltaFrench Creek DrLindy DrWolf Run DrPaved Road Resurface0.34
230023DeltaGlen Terra Drforest glenCreekside DrPaved Road Resurface0.20
230024DeltaGold Fields DrConeflower CtUpton RdPaved Road Resurface0.32
230025DeltaHibiscus LnConeflower CtGold Fields DrPaved Road Resurface0.22
230027DeltaIreland DrSt Joe HwyMallow LnPaved Road Resurface0.20
230030DeltaKnockaderry DrMallow LnSt Joe HwyPaved Road Resurface0.20
230031DeltaLindy DrRuby Glass RdDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.15
230032DeltaLindy DrRuby Glass RdWillow HwyPaved Road Resurface0.30
230034DeltaMallow LnKnockaderry DrDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.13
230035DeltaMarcy RdMt Hope HwyDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.50
230038DeltaMedallion DrChellmar DrDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.16
230039DeltaMurel DrOld Lansing RdDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.05
230043DeltaPecos DrWesthaven BlvdSouthwick CirPaved Road Resurface0.08
230045DeltaRobins RdSaginaw HwyArden RdPaved Road Resurface0.48
230046DeltaSalt Fork CirConestoga DrDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.05
230048DeltaSleighside DrConestoga DrFrench Creek DrPaved Road Resurface0.07
230049DeltaSnow RdOld Lansing RdWesthill DrPaved Road Resurface0.17
230050DeltaSouthwick CirSnow RdDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.11
230051DeltaSpringtree LnRolling Green LnWolf Run DrPaved Road Resurface0.46
230054DeltaWestbridge CirWesthaven BlvdEndPaved Road Resurface0.04
230055DeltaWesthaven BlvdPecos DrSt Joe HwyPaved Road Resurface0.33
230056DeltaWestover CirWesthaven BlvdDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.07
230057DeltaWestvale CirWesthaven BlvdDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.03
230058DeltaWindsong WaySpringtree LnWolf Run DrPaved Road Resurface0.17
230059DeltaWolf Run DrWindsong WayDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.34
230060DeltaWoodstream DrWolf Run DrCreyts RdPaved Road Resurface0.07
230018EatonFlanders RdClinton TrlIsland HwyPaved Road Resurface1.05
230040EatonNarcisse LnPackard HwyDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.22
230041EatonNicholas LnNarcisse LnDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.50
230052EatonStewart RdLansing Rd SouthEnd of PavementPaved Road Resurface0.16
230080EatonJenks HwyMills HwyPerkey RdGravel Road Surface0.62
230088EatonMills HwyPerkey RdRoyston RdGravel Road Surface2.01
230065Eaton RapidsBostedor RdTwp LineMills HwyGravel Road Surface1.01
230069Eaton RapidsCanfield RdTwp LineMills HwyGravel Road Surface1.02
230070Eaton RapidsCanfield RdIsland HwyDead endGravel Road Surface1.82
230073Eaton RapidsColumbia HwyCanfield RdGunnell RdGravel Road Surface1.00
230089Eaton RapidsMills HwyRoyston RdCanfield RdGravel Road Surface0.98
230100Eaton RapidsScout RdColumbia HwyTwp LineGravel Road Surface1.03
230053HamlinWaverly RdBallard RdBellevue RdCrush & Shape0.99
230066HamlinBostedor RdTwp LineFive Pt HwyGravel Road Surface0.11
230071HamlinCanfield RdTwp LineFive Pt HwyGravel Road Surface0.20
230077HamlinHalsey RdSpringport RdRoyston RdGravel Road Surface1.32
230094HamlinPeck RdBellevue HwyHolmes HwyGravel Road Surface1.01
230082KalamoLacey Lake RdFive Point HwyEnd of gravelGravel Road Surface1.14
230093KalamoPease RdFive Point HwyKalamo HwyGravel Road Surface2.23
230096KalamoPerry RdCarlisle HwyLawrence HwyGravel Road Surface0.99
230102KalamoShaytown RdLawrence HwyKinsel HwyGravel Road Surface2.04
230109KalamoWildt HwyPease RdDead End or StartGravel Road Surface0.58
230004OneidaBenton RdMt Hope HwySt Joe HwyCrush & Shape1.00
230042OneidaOneida Woods TrlWillow HwyDead EndPaved Road Resurface0.41
230044OneidaRiver Bend CirOneida Woods TrlDead EndPaved Road Resurface0.11
230081OneidaKenyon RdSt. Joe HwyM-43Gravel Road Surface2.01
230067RoxandBoyer RdGrand Ledge HwyEaton HwyGravel Road Surface1.03
230074RoxandCutler RdStrange HwyDead End or StartGravel Road Surface0.32
230075RoxandEaton HwyCity/Twp LineCochran RdGravel Road Surface2.50
230092RoxandParker RdStrange HwyDead End or StartGravel Road Surface0.23
230105RoxandStrange HwyDow RdBoyer RdGravel Road Surface4.04
230107RoxandWheaton RdC&O RailroadEaton HwyGravel Road Surface0.53
230047SunfieldSaubee RdM-43Eaton HwyPaved Road Resurface1.01
230076VermontvilleGresham HwyIonia RdBrown RdGravel Road Surface1.50
230083VermontvilleLake HwyRound Lake RdDead endGravel Road Surface0.20
230084VermontvilleLake HwyIonia RdDead endGravel Road Surface0.76
230098VermontvilleRound Lake RdVermontville V.L.Lake HwyGravel Road Surface2.50
230037WaltonMcDonald RdMarshall RdDead EndPaved Road Resurface0.62
230062WaltonBaker HwyMcDonald RdBridge 2432Gravel Road Surface1.01
230090WaltonNye HwyMarshall RdMatthews RdGravel Road Surface1.00
230106WaltonWeeks RdButterfield HwyBellevue HwyGravel Road Surface1.01
230110WaltonWillis RdWeeks RdBellevue HwyGravel Road Surface1.00
230002WindsorAmber CvHighland CtDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.06
230005WindsorBrooks LndgBrooks River DrDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.05
230006WindsorBrooks River DrCreyts RdDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.21
230017WindsorEllistone CirMattrada DrDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.06
230026WindsorHighland CtBailey RdIsaac LnPaved Road Resurface0.19
230028WindsorJacaranda DrN Canal RdMattrada DrPaved Road Resurface0.41
230029WindsorJustonian WayMattrada DrMacadam WayPaved Road Resurface0.26
230033WindsorMacadam WayMattrada DrJacaranda DrPaved Road Resurface0.19
230036WindsorMattrada DrN Canal RdDead End or StartPaved Road Resurface0.31
230091WindsorPares RdVermontville HwyBridge HwyGravel Road Surface1.00
230101WindsorScout RdTwp LineRossman HwyGravel Road Surface1.24


2023 Local Road Millage Projects - Maps by Township