🚧 **Construction Update: Road Work Coming Soon!** 🚧

If you’ve noticed road work signs popping up recently in your area, we have some exciting news to share! Our road improvement project is about to begin, starting this week. Our contractors will be focusing on curb work and castings in the Jacaranda, Brooks River, Narcisse, and Highland areas.

Subsequently, we’re planning to kick off milling operations on the week of August 21st, with a target of finishing within three days. Our contractors will be taking care of casting adjustments and laying asphalt, all aimed at ensuring smoother and safer roads for your daily commute.

Please understand that construction plans can be influenced by weather conditions, and schedules may need to adjust accordingly. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we work hard to bring improvements to your community. Keep an eye out for further updates on the upcoming areas to be worked on, and feel free to contact us at (517) 543-1630 or ecrc@eatoncountyroad.com if you have any questions!