Eaton County Road Commission


The following documents and links are required to be available on the Road Commission’s website pursuant to Act 51, Section 18j, MCL 247.668j, as amended by PA 506 of 2012.

(A) Current Fiscal Year Budget

(B) Number of active transportation employees by job classification and wage rate

(C) Financial Performance Dashboard

The Financial Performance Dashboard is provided by the Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council. Financial data here is sourced from annual “Act 51 Reports” filed by road agencies and can be filtered by year, jurisdiction and/or road agency (including MDOT, cities and villages, as well as road commissions).

(D) Unfunded Liabilities

The above document is an excerpt from the Audited Financial Statements, which can be viewed in their entirety on the Road Commission’s Finance page.

(E) Names and Contact Information for the Governing Body

(F) Form 2067, Annual Certification of Employee-Related Conditions

(G) TAMC Dashboard